The challenge

How to eliminate the constraints between driving and flying? A wheel which can be used on the street as well as in the air would be a quantum leap for future mobility.

The invention

The RES-Propeller Wheel relates to a vehicule with wheels and vice versa to an airplane with propellers. During drive the RES-Propeller Wheel provides a contact to the ground by a tire which during flight acts as an ring shaped airfoil and delivers thrust. The idea behind the invention is the fusion of a tire and a propeller to a new kind of wheeled propulsion.

The advantages

  • Drive and Fly with one propulsion element
  • Thrust by an airfoil shaped tire
  • Integration of an electric engine in the hub of the propeller wheel

The applications

  • The RES-Propeller Wheel makes a conventional landing gear for airplanes superfluous
  • The RES-Propeller Wheel allows vehicules to easily change into the fly mode