Hamburg Central Station-Expanding Capacities

Student's project winter semester 2022 University of Stuttgart
Students : Aala Abdolaziz & Aris Karara
Professors: Prof. Dr. Tjark Siefkes (DLR Institute), Hon.-Prof. Friedrich Grimm (IBK2), Janusch Toepler M.Sc. (KE).
In our project to expand the central station of Hamburg, known as the Hamburger Hauptbahnhof, we were suggested to work with visionary technologies such as NGT trains - which require two-story platforms - and multi-elevators - that can move from top to bottom and from left to right. In this context, we have designed a new typology for the organization and traffic flow of a train station. This involves decentralizing passenger flows and distributing them across the entire surrounding area of the station through a system of multi-elevators and sectors. This system, combined with completely free levels in the underground, allows for efficient traffic that is fully adapted to the NGT train, which operates with sectors and carriages. So, we are building the new station underground to enable an efficient traffic matrix. This matrix can expand infinitely in all directions, which is why we have also designed a modular construction that allows for future expansions of the station on the sides and below the station. This also allowed us to completely free the city center area from all congestions associated with the railway tracks and reclaim ample space for public areas in the form of parks, shops, and a botanical garden in the hall of the old station. Thus, a pathway is created throughout the station, connecting the two new parks in the north and south - where the railway tracks used to be - as well as a significant reclamation of open space. The entire expansion takes place underground, without disrupting railway traffic and life on the surface. #unistuttgart #deutschebahn #hamburg #urbandesign #reshbf #ngt #theländ #db

Cologne Central Station-Dissolving a Bottle Neck

Student's project summer semester 2021 University of Stuttgart
Students: Kilian Blumenschein & Leonard Loewen
Professors: Prof. Dr. Tjark Siefkes (DLR Institute), Hon.-Prof. Friedrich Grimm (IBK2), Janusch Toepler M.Sc. (KE).
In the effort to renovate and expand Cologne's main railway station, the focus was on meeting the rising demands due to demographic changes and the increasing need for local public transport. With the station reaching its capacity limits, the main challenge was twofold: conserving the station's original character while creating a forward-looking structure that seamlessly integrated the preserved old sections. Remarkably, the site historically hosted a botanical garden centuries before the station's construction. As part of the renovation, this botanical garden was revived and incorporated into the new design. The outcome, termed Botanical Garden 2.0, adeptly blends the historical and modern architectural elements, harmoniously connecting the old and new buildings within the station's framework. #unistuttgart #deutschebahn #köln #urbandesign #reshbf #ngt #theländ #db

European Railway Hub at Stuttgart Airport

Student's project summer semester 2019 University of Stuttgart.
Students: Anas Saima & Mouaz Alez
Tutors: Dr. Joachim Winter (DLR) & Hon.-Prof. Friedrich Grimm (IBK2).
Situated right between Airport and Fair in Stuttgart, a new European Railway Hub connects as a North-South and as an East-West Hub Stuttgart with European capital cities. An open glass hall as a huge canopy connects the airport directly with the exhibition halls of the fair. The video shows this canopy housing all kinds of facilities for travelers and two elevated platforms for regional trains. In the underground, there are four tracks for new 404 meter long two-floor NGT's (next generation trains), developed at the DLR institute for vehicle concepts here in Stuttgart under the supervision of Dr. Joachim Winter. Additionally, six more tracks for Inter City trains and regional trains are also reached by elevators and escalators. Large voids on foot level allow for daylight to penetrate the vertical structure of the new railway station. The video of this project created by Anas and Mouaz, at the time Bachelor students at Stuttgart University and today as Masters of Science working successfully as architects, gives a good impression of the friendly and airy atmosphere in this huge passage way connecting two urban mega structures with one another in Southwest Germany. #unistuttgart #deutschebahn #architecture #urbandesign #reshbf #dlr #theländ #db