The challenge

Which optical properties can be achieved by the fusion of a reflective prism with a lens? Is it possible to find a new optical element capable of precisely focusing electromagnetic radiation in a spectrum of wave lengths reaching from the far infrared up to highly energetic X-Ray-Radiation? The answer to this is an new kind of a lens suited for photographic purposes in different fields.

The invention

By fusing a lens with a reflection prism a new hybrid optical element is created. The RES-Hybrid-Prism features so far unknown optical properties which within a spectrum can be applied from the far infrared and visible light to the ultraviolet and even for X-Ray-Radiation. The RES-Hybrid-Prism in section reveals a rotated rhomboid, embodied as a solid of glass for infrared up to ultraviolet light and as a vacuum enclosed by optical thinner material on all its sides.

The advantages

  • Provision of a lens without chromatic aberration
  • Provision of a lens for X-Ray-Radiation
  • Provision of a headlight as a lidar system

The applications

  • RES-Intraocular-Lens
  • RES-Lidar-System
  • RES-Tomograph
  • RES-X-Ray-Lens
  • RES-X-Ray-Microscope
  • RES-X-Ray-Telescope