The challenge

So called hybrid aircrafts make use of aerodynamic uplift as well as of aerostatic uplift and are capable to combine the advantages of both principles. In the future air transport by drones will play a major role. The rotors of the drones however are dangerous for the user. Can this disadvantage be eliminated by a hybrid aircraft?

The invention

Mantled propellers surrounded by a ring-shaped airfoil could be a solution for this problem. The RES-Hybrid-Aircraft therefore reveals a ring-shaped airfoil as a volume to be filled with lifting gas, creating aerodynamic uplift in an upper segment and in a lower segment of the ring.

The advantages

  • Design for a maximum of safety with internal propulsion
  • Using aerostatic uplift for transport
  • Taking advantage of aerodynamic uplift during takeoff and flight
  • Introducing new landing techniques
  • Silent operation
  • Movements on ground similar to a Hoovercraft

The applications

  • Drone for transportation of goods
  • Small aircraft for special tasks