The challenge

The complete electrification of the drive train calls for a rapid charge system for plug-in cars. Charging the traction battery in about 30 min up to 80% of its capacity still seems to be a too long period of time. How can the reloading process be accelerated in a silent procedure?

The invention

The RES-Plug-In-Car uses two different reservoirs of stored energy. During the reloading process the traction battery is cooled independent from electric energy. Providing a very efficient cooling system for the traction battery, the reloading process can be done in less than 15 min. The invention relates to a drive and charge system using compressed air as a coolant for the traction battery and also as a source of extra energy for the drive train. Existing fuel tanks of a former gas station can be transformed into storage tanks for compressed air.

The advantages

  • Speeding up the recharge process
  • Steady energy transfer during the whole reloading procedure
  • Silent cooling of the traction battery
  • Making use of existing infrastructure

The applications

  • Electric charge stations with one or more rapid recharge points
  • Transforming existing gas tanks to storage tanks for compressed air