The challenge

Can an accumulator cell be build as flat as a sheet of paper? Can it be build in different sizes and can it be used like a wallpaper on a wall and can a paper thin accumulator cell be piled up just like a pile of paper?

The invention

The RES-Foil Cell uses a multitude of thermal transfer elements which enlarges it's outer surface aswell as it's inner surface. While on the outer surface heat can be better transported away from the cell, the enlarged inner surface leads to a higher electric capacity of the RES-Foil Cell. Piled up to a battery module the thermal transfer elements of the RES-Foil Cell create a hydraulic structure to channel a heat transfer fluid.

The advantages

  • Effective thermal control of a traction battery
  • Reduction of weight by one-third when gas is used as a thermal fluid
  • Light-weight electrical power-pack
  • Increased electrical capacity by the enlargement of the batteries inner surface
  • Prolonged lifecycle

The applications

  • Ideal battery for e-mobility
  • Power-Pack for electric tools
  • Modular architecture for charging batteries
  • Light-weight battery for airplanes