Energy Chain, proposed for 17,4 million Dutch people dedicates its first post of the year to the Netherlands. The waters of the Oosterschelde, which are dammed up at high tide, flow into the North Sea with high current speed at low tide. Between the piers of the barrage, drums each with six adjustable rotor blades are driven by the current and are connected to each other by intermediate rotor discs to form a shear- and torsion-resistant frame girder with a diameter of nine meters. The rotor drums with adjustable rotor blades revolve with up to five times the flow speed and, channeled by the existing barrage, they could generate any amount of energy in the future. With the diameter P-P' oriented perpendicular to the flow direction, the suction side of the asymmetric blade profiles changes from the inside to the outside of the orbit and vice versa, so that the asymmetrically profiled adjustable rotor blades generate tangential propulsive forces from lift in the flow-oriented and downstream half of the orbit.