Mother nature spoils mankind with energy in abundance. The energy is not to be found concentrated in one spot or in just one of Platon's elements where it could be collected easily. Instead energy is rather equally distributed on the globe inherent in the radiation of the sun, in the kinetic energy of the wind and in the flow of water. Mankind has to reinvent techniques which have been used in the earliest stage of civilization. We all have to become hunters and collectors again - energy will be subject to collecting and hunting in our times. It will be one challenge to collect it in the planes and in the mountains as well as on the coasts and in the open seas, another challenge will be to store it, to save it and to use it wisely. Skills and creativity of the hunter will be needed for collecting it with new methods affording a minimum of effort. Methods and devices will resemble giant fish traps, when rotor blades are connected among each other to form a giant net structure like with the RES - Giga Tube, they may be similar to giant ring shaped traps like with the RES - Giga Wheel, or they may featuring a giant blade like with the RES - Mega Wheel. All of these devices and structures are rooted in the earliest stages of civilization when spears already where aerodynamically formed to fly and nets were manufactured to catch the prey and circles of stone have been erected to get hold on seasonal change, resembling contemporary circular structures for mirrors concentrating sunlight on one spot on a central tower resembling a menhir.