The challenge

E-mobility calls for uncompromised streamline design for automobiles. With an aerodynamic drag of e.g. 0,38 a small car is far away from an optimal aerodynamic design. How would a small car with low aerodynamic drag have to look like?

The invention

In water a catamaran causes less drag than a boat with only one hull. Transferring this concept to the design of a car the RES-Automobile with an U-shaped airfoil body will result. This new aerodynamic concept is not necessarily limited to small cars, it provides a method of downsizing a car from inside. Liberated from the need of space for a combustion engine, a drive train and transversal axes the RES-Automobile presents an E-drive concept equipped with four wheel-hub motors and a central channel open to the atmosphere. Downsized from inside the RES-Automobile doesn't betray the customer's desire to acquire a fullsize car. The vast surface of the car is especially suited for the integration of solar cells capable to regenerate the traction battery during drive. A small car is well known for its difficult aerodynamic properties. Just for that reason a Smart Fortwo was chosen as a reference model for aerodynamic testing at the University of Stuttgart. It turned out that with the U-shaped airfoil body the air resistance could be lowered in a first approach by more than 25%.

The advantages

  • Reduction of air resistance
  • Design of a comfortable E-car
  • High seating position
  • Easy accessible

The applications

  • E-mobility concept for cars with 2, 4, 6 or 8 seats