The challenge

Front-wheel steering is subject to an unfavorable effect: While the front wheel simply rolls around a curve, the rear wheel is exposed to augmented friction caused by an impact effect of the tyre. Riding a bicycle, permanent steering is required to keep the balance, therefore this undesirable effect is a constant companion. Wouldn't it be desirable to provide a bicycle without this extra friction?

The invention

The RES-Bike has a steering axis right in the middle between the front and the rear wheel. Both wheels are equally affected by moving the steering bar and keep on track when driving a curve. Less friction as a welcome side effect will be noticed immediately by the driver. Fluent and elegant movements in curves are inspired by nature rather than derived from a horse-drawn carriage. Combined with an extra fun factor riding this bicycle you will experience a mythological transfer to where man and horse could be imagined as one essential unit.

The advantages

  • Less rolling resistance
  • Enormous manoeuvrability, turning radius: 0,5 m
  • Acceleration in curves
  • Easy folding for transport
  • Good training for body and brain
  • Better concentration, better coordination

The applications

  • Bicycle for daily use
  • Polyvalent outdoor training
  • Applicable to E-bikes
  • No fiddling around when folded