The challenge

A hinged connection is limited to the linkage of load-bearing members within a triangulated structural system. How would a rigid bolt connection look like that is capable of being extended in three dimensions based on cubic cells?

The invention

The RES-Cubic Space Frame provides a construction kit with rigid connections between nodes and bars that can be extended in three dimensions. The node comprises two half-shells to lock in four bars with one central bolt. Testing the rigidity of the detachable nodal joint at the Otto Graf Institute of the University of Stuttgart revealed a higher stiffness of the nodal joint itself then that of the jointed steel bars.

The advantages

  • Construction kit for wide-span structures
  • Adaption to the load distribution by increasing the density of the cubic cells
  • Unsurpassed variability with cubic cells

The applications

  • Interior design
  • Exhibition construction
  • Wide-span structures