The challenge

Light is emitted by an LED in a divergent bundle of rays. An extra lens as part of the housing of the LED is needed to produce a less divergent cone of rays. How would an LED look like that emits perfectly collimated light just like the sunrays reaching the earth?

The invention

The RES-LED has an internal reflector with convex parabolic sides. When reflected two or three times the rays emitted by the LED are straightened and by a final supplementary refraction when leaving the housing are collimated to an almost parallel bundle of rays.

The advantages

  • Artificial light source with sunlight qualities
  • Collimation of the emitted light
  • Modules with several LEDs in one housing

The applications

  • Artificial sun
  • Headlights of all sorts
  • Artificial light system for greenhouses
  • Surgical light