The challenge

The set-up of sails on a sailboat is defined by the rig. The mast, being stabilized by forestay and shrouds, requires a separation of the sails in a foresail and a mainsail. In consequence a crew of at least two sailors is needed for sailing. How would a rigging for a yacht look like that can be handled by one person?

The invention

The RES-Yacht has one triangular sail that can be turned around the mast unhinderedly. This can be done with a new kind of rigging stabilizing the mast without shrouds, only by bow and stern stay cables. The base of the mast has to be placed on the keelson to introduce a vertical lever between the attachment points of the bow and stern stay cables. Thus the mast is stable enough to transfer wind pressure taken up by the sail via the hull into the water.

The advantages

  • Simplified rig for a sailboat
  • New design for a yacht
  • Highly effective sail
  • Quick and simple sailing manoeuvres

The applications

  • Rig for small and large sailboats