The challenge

With a conventional three-bladed rotor it is difficult to convert kinetic energy in the centre of a flow column into rotation. Why not use this centre for a central diffuser to improve the global inflow on the rotor?

The invention

The RES-Turbine uses a central diffuser to dynamically create local low pressure zones on the up- and downwind sides of the turbine by a continuous free flow in the central area of the rotor. The dynamic effect results in deflecting the incoming flow towards the rotation axis and therefore improves the effectiveness of the rotor blades up to 10%. This has been found out in a simulation of dynamic pressures as well as in aerodynamic testing at the Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics (IAG) of the University of Stuttgart.

The advantages

  • Improvement of the efficiency of the rotor blades
  • The annular void in the centre of a turbine is especially suited for the implementation of a synchronous ring generator
  • The design strictly follows fluid dynamic aspects

The applications

  • New design for wind and water turbines
  • Design applicable to downwind or upwind turbines as well as to ducted turbines