The challenge

In any kind of headlight with a parabolic reflector the light source has to be placed right in the focal point of the parabolic reflector in order to emit collimated light. In consequence with only one light source the light intensity is limited. Is it possible to install a plurality of light sources within one parabolic reflector capable of collimation to achieve a higher light intensity?

The invention

In a RES-Headlight a polygonal faceted ring surrounding the primary focal point of one parabolic reflector evenly distributes rays of light on a multitude of focal points which are located in a radial distance to the primary focal point. Light emitted by light sources in these new focal points is perfectly collimated by the faceted ring and the parabolic reflector.

The advantages

  • Arrangement of a multitude of LEDs within one parabolic reflector
  • Increased luminance for a headlight
  • Creation of a free space around the optical axis
  • Compact design

The applications

  • LED-floodlight
  • Headlight with functional rays
  • Tool light
  • Lens light
  • Light for torches, watches, pencils, ...